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Monday, December 26, 2011

Thoughts about our 2011

Generally this time of year I would do an elaborate post about how our year shaped up complete with pictures and fantastic commentaries on the wonderfulness of our life, especially now that we are back in Colorado. However, I kind of don't have the desire or energy for any of that this year. The last few months have been exhausting with no end really in sight.
So, here are some things I have learned this year. Before I start, let me preface this with the statement that we are all fine. Nick and I are fine. Quincy is fine. We are just experiencing one of those trials that you never think you are going to experience. Nick is back in Texas for a while. He is there taking care of some things he needed to take care of long ago. Unfortunately, we cannot be with him for the time being, so Quincy and I are trucking along in CO. I am looking for a job as Nick lost his. We are working hard to keep our family together and to make life as normal for our baby girl as possible.
Sometimes I wonder if moving home was the right decision for us, but then again, I know it was okay. Q and I are close to family, and we are blessed to be in a wonderful ward with people who support us as well. Life right now is probably harder than it ever has been before, and yet, I am unafraid. I know that we are being attended by angels everywhere we go. I know that Nick is doing the right thing. I know that we are going to make it through all this, one long day at a time. I know that my strength, my patience, my ability to cope are all being tested right now. I am thankful that Quincy is so young. She is aware that things are different, but she is still our happy little girl. She is growing so fast, and I thank my Father in Heaven every day that I have such an amazing daughter. She is my everything.
I probably just made myself sound like an amazing martyr, which I am not. I struggle. I cry just about everyday and at the smallest things. I worry. I don't sleep some nights. I complain. I question. I say and do all the wrong things. I am far from perfect, and I am not going to pretend that I am even close to perfect. I love my husband. He is not a perfect person either, and I love him because of that.
I know that one day we will look back on this time, and it will be but a brief moment. This hardship is one that we will conquer. It will pass, and we will rebuild. Isn't that what people do? Fall and rebuild. Try and fail until you meet success. If you know me at all, you know that I refuse to give up. I will work hard to build the life I know my family deserves. I will protect my family. Somehow I will learn to ask for help. Somehow I will learn to be more patient. Somehow I will come through a better, stronger wife, mother and overall person.  

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Quincy's First Thanksgiving

We were able to spend this Thanksgiving holiday with some truly fabulous people. We packed Q and headed over the river and through the woods. Holly, Eric, Lisa, Hondo, Monroe, and Kelli were all there too. We played with the babies, napped, laughed, talked, and stuffed ourselves as is appropriate for a Thanksgiving feast!
Q had a big weekend when she stood up on her own and then began crawling. She is our noisy girl, but she proved just how loud she can be ALL week long! She loves the sound of her own voice. I really am so crazy about this little girl! She is so funny. She will fake laugh at me or fake cough and then just giggle at herself. She thinks she is hilarious (a trait she inherited from her Grandma Mahan, I'm sure.)

We were lucky enough to both witness her first standing. This is the first time she has reached a major milestone in front of Daddy, and he was thrilled. She does love the men in her life! Every time her dad or her grandad walked out of the room, she would yell or cry at them to come back. It is cute to see them cave each time and come reassure her that they have not left her for good.

Her first birthday is fast approaching, and I don't know if I am ready for it! She is growing so fast! Where is my baby?! I do love every minute though, and I am so glad that I am able to witness it all. I really do have the best job! 

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Just Feeling Restless

This is the story of my life these days. I am not sure what it is...maybe the season or the holidays or the crazy events that have taken place in our lives recently, but I am one restless momma. It is strange to be so busy and feel this way. Q keeps me on my toes all day long, and when Nick gets home, she wants nothing but Daddy, so that is when I can actually DO things without an attachment.

I have projects to work on and people I want to see. I have presents to think about and a birthday party to plan. Our house is never spotless and the laundry is never done. I am searching for interesting recipies and easy crafts to keep me occupied. I have a growing stack of books to read and a lot of sleep to catch up on. So, why am I so restless?

Perhaps it is because I am always distracted. Projects get started, but never seem to be completed. My head is racing a million miles an hour, and the only time I am focused on one thing is when I am in the gym. I need a chart that is a huge TO DO List. I need someone to come and look at my list and tell me it isn't out of control.

Then again, maybe I am not busy enough. I am home with Q all the time. We go to the gym and run a small errand or two on a daily basis, but then we are home together all day. Maybe I am experiencing a little cabin fever. Maybe if I was busier, I would accomplish more. I have always performed better under pressure. Now that I have no deadlines and grades aren't due and papers aren't piling up and I don't have an essay to write or copies to make or lessons to plan, maybe I am slacking. Except, I don't miss that stuff. Okay, maybe I miss planning lessons and reading books and regular adult interaction, but I wouldn't trade it!

So, for now I will be restless...I will make that long list and even cross off a few things. Or maybe, I'll go help a little girl figure out how to crawl. That sounds better...crawling.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Oh, Life!

Sometimes it feels like the universe is trying to break me in two. It is at those times that I try, try, try to count the many blessings I do have because they are plentiful! So, in additon to the craziness that is already happening, Nick totaled the Tribute on his birthday. Sigh! Luckily, our car insurance company (Progressive) was AH-MAZING! They had our rental car to us and the Tribute picked up within 24 hours of our call to them. We picked up a check and shopped for a new car over the weekend. I am now driving a 2005 Ford Escape. It is a bright red, and I am liking it more and more as time goes on.

We have managed to do some fun things here and there, however, so I will share some pictures from Q's first Halloween and her first snow! She had a really fun time watching all that was going on around her.

Her first Trick-or-Treating expereince was at the Spooktacular that the City of Broomfield does at the First Bank Center. She wasn't really into the candy part, but she was very into the people watching part. She is so good when we take her out in public! Thank goodness for that!

She had a fun time helping Mom and Dad carve pumpkins this year. She held the cut out pieces for us and chomped on them too. We had a big pumpkin and a little one this year...both turned out great!

We also have had some snow, which I missed so much while we lived in Texas. Quincy seemed to like it! Here she is all dressed up to go and play in it for the first time. I love this hat and mittens. Both are too big, but she'll grow out of them before I am ready!

It just wouldn't be right for her to play in it and not eat it! She seemed to like it. I think it helped cool her gums...we'll see some teeth one of these days.

She also had to stand in it for a minute! She has super cute snow boots, so we had to put them to use. She will be my little snow bunny yet! I love the snow and the feeling that white blanket invites. It is good for my soul.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Fun Family Fall Days

Well, Stef inspired me to post something today since she did. I can't be outdone by my sister, now can I? I am not really going to update all our happenings from the last few months. We have been very busy. Q is growing like crazy! She is pushing 20 lbs., and she really, really wants to crawl. I am excited for that and NOT excited at the same time. Once she is mobile, we are in for it! Shockingly, she is incredibly vocal...and LOUD! She loves entertaining the whole room and gets upset when all eyes are not on her. (Hmmm...I wonder where she gets that. Nick and I are so shy, quiet and reserved.) While attending an Open House the other night, she stole the show from the Elder we were wishing well. It's a good thing she's so cute!
I am loving these fall days. The trees are gorgeous! The air is...well, how do I put this? The air is just fall-y, and I love it! There isn't a day that goes by that I am not grateful to be back in Colorado. We have been trying to do as many activities with Q outside as possible. We go on family walks, and we recently took her to Anderson Farms, a really great corn maze/pumpkin patch.
We made it a true family day and brought Uncle Adam and Aunt Kara along with us. I had never been to a pumpkin patch, so I was excited, but I don't think my excitement could match the excitement of our girl! Q was laughing and yelling and screaming before we even made it in the gates!
She rode a pony; she picked a pumpkin; she witnessed the birth of twin goats; she posed for a million pictures; and, she loved every minute of it! My goodness, we are blessed by her presence and her personality daily!

There are lots of changes coming for the Sadler's, and I have to take a minute to thank our family and friends who have already been so supportive. I would be lost without the love and support from people near and far, and I never want to seem ungrateful. Our journey will be long, but somehow, through faith and love, we will make it to the other side--one step at a time.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Summer Happenings

Wow! I sure have not touched this all summer. Oops! I guess that means a quick summation of all our going's on all summer long. Complete with pictures, of course!

We took a trip to Utah for a weekend full of famly fun and Lisa's baby shower! Nick, Q and I made it to The Mug which is essentially a Rootbeer Float shaped concession stand that my brother-in-law, Eric, helps his sister run. It is great! Located in a prime spot in Provo Canyon. If you are ever there in the summer months, check it out!

Quincy met Maggie, whom we all love through the many stories Holly shares. She is Holly and Eric's niece, and such a cute character!

We spent the Fourth of July in Casper with Nick's family. This is the first time Q met her Great-Grandma Boyer. I think they like each other! Don't worry, Q didn't get her glasses, not for lack of trying!

On that same trip we spent an afternoon with the Sadler side of the family as well. Q is playing here with Nick's cousin, Jayme, who came to see everyone all the way from Washington State. She and I had met briefly once before, and it was so great to spend time with her and her daughter, Jordyn.

Ahhh, yes! The family pic with Great-Grandma and Grandpa Sadler, Nick, JB, Jayme, Jordyn and Quincy. Jordyn didn't want her picture taken at this particular moment. :-) She is a pistol!

I should have taken more pictures up here, but here is one that I took of Q and her Grandpa Desi at the Halasz cabin. It really is so peaceful up there! I really enjoyed being there with everyone. (FYI, they are talking to Uncle Bob.)

We took the opportunity to take Q to the outdoor waterpark in Broomfield! The Bay! We love The Bay! It really is very little kid and family friendly. She enjoyed it more than she is letting on here. Later in the summer, Aunt Kara and I took her again. And we will go one more time when Aunt Stef, Uncle Matt, and MJ get here!

If you have known me for any length of time, you know that there are two girls who are my SISTERS FROM ANOTHER MISTER. Amber and Kristie and I are doing our best to manage our busy family, work and personal lives and still see each other. We had dinner, and this was the first time that all three of our kiddos were together. M, C and Q are just adorable! I love those two little boys as much as I love their momma's.

Another cousin! We were blessed with a quick visit from Aunt Jessie, Uncle Matt and W! This is Nick's step-sister's new baby boy! He is such a long, skinny string bean, and too, too cute! (Note: Matt was watching the US Women's Soccer team play in the World Cup Finals. He could not tear his eyes away!)

We spent more time swimming with Meagan (Parker) and her little ones. I will post pics of our babies together, but I have to wait for Maeg. She has them.

We took Q to the Denver Zoo! This was her first Merri-Go-Round ride. She seemed to enjoy herself! Check out the rosie cheeks! It was a hot one!

There is more to share, but it will have to wait for another day! We had more visitors, and played more games, so I will post about those soon! Also, we do have another new baby in the family! Aunt Lisa had her little girl. We will make sure to post lots of pictures when we have all the girls together at last!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Q and her Uncle Adam

I am a BAAADDDD sister! I looked at the blog last night and realized that there isn't a post about Q and Uncle Adam. Why? Perhaps because he and Aunt Kara live just across town and can see her whenever they want! Perhaps because I'm still a mental mess (does pregnancy brain ever go away?). Either way, it is unacceptable! Especially since I love watching my little brother (yep, I said it!) with my daughter. He is great with her! She loves him! (And her Aunt Kara too!)

I also realized (ahem!) that we don't have pictures of Q and Aunt Kara yet! What is wrong with me?! So, Aunt Kara, get dolled up so we can change that! Q and you need to pose for the camera! We love you guys!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

The Hike...that just about killed me!

Someone needs to constantly remind me that I lived in Texas for two years! I--well, we--tend to forget that the altitude here is different, and we need to adjust. We attempted to go for a rather small hike one weekend. It turned into an even smaller hike when I thought my lungs were going to explode while trying to make it up a hill with 15 extra pounds strapped to my front. So, we turned around and just walked around the park, played on the swings and slides, and took in the view! Here are a few pictures from the outing:

 Daddy and Q before we left the house! They are such a good looking pair! I love them!
 Mom and Q taking a break! Mom got tired easy!
 Family shot!
I love the mountains! I love the rolling hills! I love the flowers! I love the dafodils! I love the fireside, when all the lights are low! 

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Q meets Aunt Lisa

The last sibling on my side to meet Miss Q was Lisa. She came to visit us--along with her hubby, Hondo--for a few days in May. It was so good to see her. She is having a baby in July, and I was anxious to see her belly and feel my new niece kick and move. The highlight, of course, was having her meet Q!

My pretty daughter and beautiful sister! Life feels more complete now that Q has met my sibs. We still have lots of people to see though, so there will be more fun updates to come!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

This is why I married him...

Okay, there are lots of reasons why I married him, but today he made me a proud, proud wife. Not that I'm shocked. I'm not. The man I married has become wonderfully selfless, kind, and caring. I am getting ahead of myself though, so I will begin again:

Nick is a fan of Tim Tebow. He has been for a while, and when the Broncos drafted him, Nick was thrilled! So, when I heard that Tebow had a book coming out, and then a book signing at the Tattered Cover, I asked if he would be at all interested. Nick was excited at the prospect of meeting someone he thinks is such a good and upstanding athlete. (He has recently discovered that his biggest idols are not the most perfect of men.) So, for part of his Father's Day gift, Q and I traveled on down and got Dad his book and his ticket to get his booked signed.
While purchasing Tebow's book, Through My Eyes, I learned that there were 600 tickets being handed out for a two hour book signing event. Nick was #375. We went to the Tattered Cover today at 4:00, and Nick waited in line for a while. Not shockingly, the announcement was made that Mr. Tebow had to leave at precisely 6:00, so he would probably only make it through the #400. Nick then had a conversation with the lady in front of him--a candidate for The Real Housewives of Denver--about how disappointed many fans would be, especially the kids. With this realization, my hubby (who was like a kid in a candy store excited to meet Tebow) left the line and found some kids towards the end. Two little boys with ticket #592 got ticket #375 today, and we hope that they got their book signed.
Nick was actually devastated that he didn't get to get his book signed. However, he felt pretty good about letting the kids have his spot. I understand that the goal of events such as this one is to promote and sell a book, but 600 books signed in two hours? Seriously?! Who planned this?! I digress...that is not the point. The point is, I married a good one. I am proud of the choice he made today, and proud of the man--and especially the dad--that he is!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Grandma Halasz and Great-Aunt Celia

We had our first visitors when Grandma Halasz (Nick's mom) and her sister, Celia, came to visit. Grandma had an appointment in Denver, so it was the perfect excuse to come and see the baby! We went to dinner at Red Robin, shopped at Flatirons Mall, and dined at P.F. Changs. It was so nice to introduce Q to her great-aunt! She came and spoiled as only a great-aunt can! Once again, it is so nice to be close to family! Thanks, Grandma and Aunt Celia for coming and spoiling us. We love you!

Q in her cute new hat from Grandma and Aunt Celia! That is Grandma Halasz holding her!

Monday, May 30, 2011

Q meets Aunt Holly

Since the Mahan clan is so large and spread out right now, there were still a few siblings who had not met her by the time we moved home. So, Aunt Holly and Uncle Eric decided to make a trip to visit our parents. Holly and I joked about us making the five hour drive over to see them, but since we had just moved back, she understood that it probably wasn't possible. Little did she know that Mom and I were conspiring behind her back to surprise her and come meet them anyway!
Holly and I had several conversations, and I even talked to her when we were only an hour away, and she (nor Eric) never suspected a thing! It was so fun to be able to walk in the door and yell, SURPRISE! Dad and Kelli were surprised too! We loved it! These pictures are from that weekend!

Here Aunt Holly and Aunt Kelli play with Q in the morning. They were making her laugh and laugh!

Q and Grandma

She got to meet her Great-Grandma Gray, and Great-Uncle Dan and Great-Aunt Carol too. However, I don't have pictures of that for some reason! Fail on my part!

Aunt Holly and Q! I think they like each other!

We took a Four Generation picture! Look at how cute we all are!

Uncle Eric and Q! They were pretty cute together!

Altogether it was a successful and fun trip! We are so glad to be back and close to family again! Love it! Love it! Love it!

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Our New House

Well, it is hardly is just new to us, for now! We are living back in my home town, but at the other end. It is interesting to live here as an adult with my own family. I love that we are close enough to see people on a regular basis, but I will post about visits later.

Our house is old, but cute. We do have a guest bedroom, so come see us! I am happy to have a basement back, but I do miss my master bed and bath in Texas! Older house means smaller rooms. We also only have 1 and 1/2 baths, but we will make that work.

Here are some pictures!

The Kitchen...tiny!

Living room/Dining room

Living room

The view down the hallway.

Keep in mind that these pictures were taken while we were still really isn't this messy! Can't wait for you all to come see it AND us!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Long Road

Well, if anyone thought that driving from Texas to Colorado was easy never did it with a UHaul, an auto transport behind it, another car, two dogs, three adults, and a four month old. Let's just say that we had the adventure of a lifetime!

Day 1: After having many helping hands load up our UHaul and emptying our house, we took off around four hoping to make it through most of OK before stopping for the night. Right outside of OK City, we hit major traffic, and Miss Q wouldn't stop screaming! I was in the UHaul, so poor Aunt Kelli (who saved our lives!!!) was trying to calm her wasn't working! So, on the north side of OKC, Nick radioed me with our super handy walkie-talkie that we needed to stop because Q wouldn't calm down and Joey had just thrown-up all over the front seat! Needless to say, we pulled off at the next stop and stayed at the ever classy Motel 6. Poor, Kelli! She was so nervous! We had to carry Elway up the stairs, and poor Nick made trip after trip up and down three flights of stairs to get suitcases and the dog crate. So, I had a very grump hubby, an upset baby, a nervous sister, and two confused and frightened dogs on my hands. Not a great start!

Day 2: While very long, was much more successful! We stopped a lot to fill up the giant UHaul, and we were able to stop in Burlington at the Hitchcock residence to let baby girl stretch and play (thanks, Grandma Barbie!) , but we made to Arvada to stay with Kristie and Ron just in time to hear that Bin Laden had been killed! A few minutes later we got to celebrate this with our Marine! Needless to say, my brother was very emotional and joyful!

So, here we are! Back in the big CO, and we love it! 

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Saying Good-Bye to Texas

While we lived in Texas, we were blessed to meet some really wonderful people. Some friends Nick already had when I moved there, and some we made as a couple. These people gave us two seperate going away parties: one with friends from UFP and one with friends from church. The following are just a few pictures from those events.

Here is Baby Q with Chad--one of Nick's long time friends from UFP. This is actually the first time he met Q. You're a natural, Chad! :-)

Here she is with Kirby! He is another of Nick's closest friends from Universal. We passed her around to several friends as we celebrated Nick's time at the Saginaw location and people wished him well in Colorado.

This is the cake that we had at the party with friends from church. The Lee's were sweet enough to host, and we had a great time with everyone who came.

Here is Q with our Bay! She is the youngest daughter of our good friends, Angela and Michael, and she is a great surrogate big sister to Q. We had to make sure and capture this picture of them together.

Colette and I chatted while Q and A checked one another out! They are both the sweetest babies! Although, A is HUGE next to our little girl. I sometimes forget that Miss Q is still on the small side.

Thanks to everyone for being so supportive of our little family!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Easter in Iowa

I really am trying to catch-up on the blog. And on just about everything else too! We are still working on unpacking our house here in Colorado, but that will be another post for another day.

Over the Easter holiday weekend, Nick's dad flew us to his home in Iowa to spend a few days. This was the first time Grandpa and Nana Rochelle met Q, and I do believe that they are smitten. Some of the pictures here are from those that I took, and some are from Ed.

 Here is Q with her Grandpa. I think he enjoyed his time playing with his new granddaughter. She won him over in a big way, and why not?! She's such a cutie! Grandpa had a great time taking Q around the city building and showing her off. She is such a great baby!
Nana, Nick's step-mom, also really took to Miss Q! She really seems to enjoy this being a grandmother stuff, and we are happy to oblige! We were delayed returning to Texas by a day because of tornados in DFW, so we were able to go visit Nana Rochelle at her school. She loved showing her off to her colleagues!

Here Q is sitting with her Aunt Jess. She is Rochelle's daughter, so Nick's step-sister. Jess eased into the aunt role, and I think she is going to be a fun aunt for our little girl.

Grandpa took us to see th butterflies at the university in Ames. We spent a little time there, and let the butterflies land on us and on our cameras. Q loves butterflies. She has them in her room, and she talks to them while on her changing table.

Daddy carried her around and tried to interest her in the real butterflies.

When we returned to the Texas, we fantically packed the rest of our house and headed to Colorado! What an adventure that was! I will post about that trip soon!