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Saturday, October 18, 2014

My Sister Told Me to Blog, So...

For those of you who are friends with all of us Mahan girls, you might have noticed a trend. I'll out the sister who decided it had been WAY too long since we had taken fingers to keyboard: it was Holly. I have tried to write a few times, but nothing super positive or particularly awesome has come of it, so I haven't posted. Let me touch on a few things now, but be prepared for some serious randomness!

"Speaking of money, we have tomatoes." --Cindy Mahan

Gardening: We made a rather sad attempt at gardening this year. Nick and I thought we it would be great for the "girls" to get a chance to garden. Don't get me wrong! The girlies loved it! Tessa loved to water the garden with Daddy every night, and by water I, of course, mean try and spray the dogs. We did like to check and see how everything was growing. Our garden was small, and with NO experience whatsoever, we did okay. Almost everything grew something, and we will be carving our own pumpkins this year! We'll call it a success and a major learning experience.

Powderhorn: Yep! I have to mention it too because it was really spectacular! Twenty-three people, three condos, and lots of fun family time! I noticed this year more than other years, just how much we all seem to gel better and better as a cohesive family unit--which is great because we keep adding to this crazy group of people! It was such a special treat to have Matt, Lesley and Evelyn with us this year too. I love seeing Matt the family man! And I love seeing him so happy! We love the Thornes! (Now just hurry up and move here!)

Anniversary: No, we haven't celebrated another wedding anniversary. We did get married in May, so that hasn't changed. This is an anniversary of a different kind, and one that, while we don't celebrate it the same, means just as much to me. We have just passed the third anniversary of Nick's sobriety. The choices he made surrounding his addiction were life changing for him--for us. In too many ways, we are still paying for his choices. And while I have never watched someone fall so low (or experienced it right along side him), I have never seen someone work so hard to climb. He's an amazing man, and I am proud of him.