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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

It's okay to admit it...I'm sad.

A Texas friend posted this video today on Facebook, and I shared it there as well, but I felt as if I needed to put it here to remind me. It is okay that I am sad sometimes. Today was a highly productive day. I got a lot done. I talked to many people I needed to. I received relevant and important information. Then I sat on my couch and bawled. Through the tears though, I have to say that I do know that I am being watched over. My friends and family are incredible. My daughter (while trying today) is always a blessing. And, I know that my Father in Heaven is mindful of our circumstances. He know how I am (we are) feeling, how I am (we are) dealing, and what I (we) need to make it through. Of this I am sure.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Missing My Lobster...

Well, it isn't a secret that Nick isn't here. Q and I made a trip to see him in Texas last week. It was bittersweet. (For all you TX friends reading this, sorry we didn't get to visit everyone. We didn't really have time, so I didn't make it known that we were there.) We probably will not be able to make it back again. Just in case anyone wondered...I am miserable and I do hate this. Just in case anyone wondered...we are doing okay and my daughter is a trooper.
I did also celebrate a birthday while away. Thirty-two...funny, I don't feel thirty-two. These days I feel significantly older, but usually I still feel as if I am a twenty-something. Then I have those days when I want to be five again...oh, age! When I am feeling this way, I always think of the short story, "Eleven", by Sandra Cisneros. (Read it, it is short!) I loved teaching this one, but more than that, I love how much I can relate.
Well, since this post has been a little random already, have I ever mentioned what a wonderful little girl I have! She really is the light of my life! She makes me laugh daily! Here she is doing her yoga!
What a cutie! I am a blessed momma! 
Finally, I would be so ungrateful if I didn't say thank you to those wonderful friends who have helped us out so much! I won't mention names here, but you certainly know who you are. I can't properly express how much I appreciate the time and energy you have invested in helping my little family. Life would certainly be SO much harder without you. Love you! 

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

If my life were a Jane Austen novel...

Oh, how glorious that would be! I would be just the right amount of vulnerable, intelligent, hard-headed, witty, beautiful, desired, and admired. My path would be chosen for me. I would, of course, be a gentleman's daughter and therefore, someone stunning would come along and want to sweep me off my feet. We would banter and argue and probably despise one another at first, but then fall hopelessly in love.
If my life were a Jane Austen novel...
My biggest worry would be which beau to choose and how to wear my hair and my best friends unfortunate match in a mate. We would giggle and discuss the wretched gossip from town, and my mother would probably be crazy.
If my life were a Jane Austen novel...
I wouldn't have days like today where I was so exhausted I could hardly lift my daughter. I wouldn't break down in Walmart parking lots because a gust of wind just happened to set me off. I wouldn't have a TO DO list a mile and a half long and feel so unbelievably overwhelmed that I just want to sit on my couch and do nothing. I wouldn't worry that I have completely alienated my best friend because I have really crappy timing sometimes.
If my life were a Jane Austen novel...
I wouldn't be married to the love of my life. I wouldn't have the greatest daughter God could have blessed me with. I wouldn't be able to face challenges and grow and become a stronger person. I wouldn't learn from each mistake I make. I wouldn't have the best family and the most amazing friends on the planet.
If my life were a Jane Austen novel...
Why that would be no life at all! So, thank you, Jane, for the chance to escape for a while. However, I will keep my life--as wretched and wonderful as it all is!