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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Single Digits...

Nick said last night, "Single digits, babe."

I started crying.

Not that this should be shocking news to anyone. I am nine days out from c-section #3. I suppose the beauty of a c-section is in the planning. Assuming I don't go into labor in the next nine days, we will drive to the hospital early in the morning and have a baby--early in the morning.

For those of you who are familiar with the trauma that accompanied both Q and T's births, you will understand how blessed I feel to be able to still be pregnant at this point.

Q was delivered via emergency c-section when I was only 32 weeks 6 days pregnant due to complications I was experiencing from Pregnancy Induced Hypertension.

T was delivered via emergency c-section (although much less emergent) at 37 weeks and 1 day due to the same issue.

Needless to say, we have been heavily monitoring my blood pressure for weeks. It is higher than normal, but as long as I stay below 140/90 and my body isn't sluffing off proteins, we can stay pregnant right up to 39 weeks.

Originally, I had asked if we could wait until my actual May 7th due date to do the c-section. While my doctor didn't say no, she did advise that with this kid's size (they are estimating a bigger baby), and the threat of going into labor increasing daily as we get closer to the due date, Nick and I decided that perhaps an April baby would be the best idea.

Our anniversary is May 1--a day after B will arrive.

Happy 6th Anniversary to us!

I am excited for the arrival of my mom, Lisa, and the girls. I am so grateful that my dad and Hondo are giving them up for me.

Holly will arrive shortly thereafter as well, and I am super excited for her arrival. Eric found her a killer flight to Denver, and I'm so glad he suggested she come see us for a fun weekend.

Just so no one is surprised: Nick will not be with me when I have this baby. Restrictions placed upon him by parole and probation have forbidden him from being there for the birth of his son. No, this was not something we knew would happen. He will be with me in spirit, but he will need lots of love and support that day. I will be fine. I will be surrounded by people who love us all. He will not, and he will need all the love and support he can possibly get. We have the best friends and family in the world, and I finish here with a plea to you--please help my husband get through what is sure to be a really hard day for him.

My little family as it is now.