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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Just When You Think You Can't Take Any More...

Something else happens, and somehow you realize that you can apparently take one more thing and pile it on top of the baggage of things you have to do, stuff it into the emotional duffle bag, squeeze it into the backpack of worry, and zip in into the fanny pack of anger. Vague much?

Well, here it is...despite my reservations about public education and the spiral it seems to be careening down, I had a job interview at a high school recently. No, I really didn't tell anyone about it, and I gave the interview my all. However, I didn't feel great about it and they didn't call be back for a third and final interview. So, still no full time job that would allow me to financially support my family while turning over the raising of my children to someone you sense that I am conflicted here?

The hubby has been unsuccessfully looking for employment since he has been in Greeley (oh, yeah...we're apart again, although Greeley is closer than Texas, although we hardly get to see each other and he never gets to see the girlies).

My happy and healthy T has to go see a pediatric orthopedic specialist this week because no one thought (I'll take some blame for this too because I did think about it once and then forgot to ask) to X-Ray her hips when she was a newborn and now she may need hip 9 months old. If you ask me about this and I burst into tears, please do not be alarmed. I am not dealing with this one very well, AND we haven't even seen the specialist yet. Just the thought...just the thought.

We will deem April 2013 as the month of yuck. We had a great and healthy winter...and April and it's freakish snow storms came a-calling, and I think one or all three of us have been sick since April 1st. We are still dealing with runny noses and Q ran a temp for the last few days. I am praying this is all of it. I'm a bit tired of it.

Amazingly, I am looking forward to the summer months. I hardly ever do. I am a cold weather girl, but I need some sun therapy. These past few days here in Colorado have been amazing! Don't worry though, we will start May with more snow. Yep. May. Snow. Here we go!

Saturday, April 13, 2013

A Dark Place

We have all been sick over a period of about two weeks with this last week being the culminating week of MAJOR sick. I have finally grown tired of the sound of "mmmmoooommmmyyyyy" in a whiny two-year-old voice with absolutely nothing else attached to it.

"Yes, Quincy."
"What's wrong, honey?"

Holy mother of all that is holy! If you have never experienced the frustration attached to this sound, be grateful. Even now, as she is feeling better, snuggled on the couch watching Finding Nemo and drinking some milk, every few minutes she has to yell, "Mmmmmooooommmmyyyy!" Is it bad that I have stopped answering every time?

I think that even her two-year-old brain is plotting a take over--a coup d'etat--for the spot of supreme ruler of the household. I don't really know why. Today she can have it if it means that she will clean and do the laundry and run to the store for me and look for a new job get the picture.

Why is it that when everyone is sick that you find yourself in a dark, dark place where sunshine cannot live? I need out of that place. A new week dawns tomorrow. Let's hope it brings with it the hope, help and happiness we are seeking.