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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The Moving Adventure

Ahhhhhh! This is all happening so fast. I actually don't feel as if I have time to breath. We are trying to get so much done, and I hardly know where to begin...AND since Miss Q is starting to stir, this will be quick.

There are actually a few things we wanted to do with Quincy before leaving. So, we took her to the zoo a few weekends ago. She slept through most of the day, but woke up in time for us to get some really great pictures of her--and us as a family.

We also got some professional family shots done at the Fort Worth Stockyards. I like it there! Our family started here, so we thought it appropriate to get these taken. I obviously can't post them, but trust me, they are great!
The packing has begun. The house is always a mess. AND...we don't have a place in CO yet! We might be a little stressed...or a lot! Still can't believe this is happening!