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Friday, March 13, 2015

A Little Catch-Up

Wow! Why is it that I come back to look at the blog, thinking that it can't be all that long since I have updated, only to discover I haven't posted since DECEMBER and it is currently MARCH?!

So, let's make this a little catch-up focused on my 2015 goals.

Goal 1: Read more. Okay, so I am now involved in two book groups. One with my friends from church and another with my mom and sisters. Both are wonderful. Both give me the opportunity to read at least two books per month. Totally manageable. I have finished two books this year. Yikes! Granted, this is me reading more, but I did set a goal for myself on GoodReads to finished just 20 books this year. Twenty is normally nothing. Twenty feels daunting right now, but I am NOT giving up on it. Reading brings me joy, and I am currently seeking all those things that bring me joy! I feel myself slipping into a dark abyss as we are presented with challenge after challenge right now, and since there isn't a whole lot I can do other than to keep trudging (you, trudge) through the mud and muck, I am diligently searching out things/activities/people who bring joy into my life.

Goal 2: One day at a time. This one has been both difficult and easy. I think that people in general like to look to the bright and untainted future. I know I do. However, I am living in a place where I know I need to get through today so I can also get through tomorrow. Doesn't sound real wonderful, does it? Once again, I am working on it. I actually just ordered/signed-up for which is (basically) a movement to bring positive thinking and things into your life. You get a clicker, and every time you have a positive thought, you count it. Let's call it my own personal experience in the power of positive thinking in my life.

Goal 3: De-clutter and Organize. Well, this house is totally in transition right now. Girlies got a new bunk bed, and we moved beds and the crib around to make room for baby boy. So...there are piles of things all over my house as I try and organize and get ready for our new addition.

Goal 4: Party. Well, the girls and I went and spent my birthday weekend playing with Stef, Matt and the girls in Nashville! It was a much needed break for us all!
On the plane to Nashville

Breakfast at the Pfunky Griddle

Cousin snuggles are the best!
A night out in Nashville with Stef watching
The Matte Gray Band @ The Stage.