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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Q and her Uncle Adam

I am a BAAADDDD sister! I looked at the blog last night and realized that there isn't a post about Q and Uncle Adam. Why? Perhaps because he and Aunt Kara live just across town and can see her whenever they want! Perhaps because I'm still a mental mess (does pregnancy brain ever go away?). Either way, it is unacceptable! Especially since I love watching my little brother (yep, I said it!) with my daughter. He is great with her! She loves him! (And her Aunt Kara too!)

I also realized (ahem!) that we don't have pictures of Q and Aunt Kara yet! What is wrong with me?! So, Aunt Kara, get dolled up so we can change that! Q and you need to pose for the camera! We love you guys!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

The Hike...that just about killed me!

Someone needs to constantly remind me that I lived in Texas for two years! I--well, we--tend to forget that the altitude here is different, and we need to adjust. We attempted to go for a rather small hike one weekend. It turned into an even smaller hike when I thought my lungs were going to explode while trying to make it up a hill with 15 extra pounds strapped to my front. So, we turned around and just walked around the park, played on the swings and slides, and took in the view! Here are a few pictures from the outing:

 Daddy and Q before we left the house! They are such a good looking pair! I love them!
 Mom and Q taking a break! Mom got tired easy!
 Family shot!
I love the mountains! I love the rolling hills! I love the flowers! I love the dafodils! I love the fireside, when all the lights are low! 

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Q meets Aunt Lisa

The last sibling on my side to meet Miss Q was Lisa. She came to visit us--along with her hubby, Hondo--for a few days in May. It was so good to see her. She is having a baby in July, and I was anxious to see her belly and feel my new niece kick and move. The highlight, of course, was having her meet Q!

My pretty daughter and beautiful sister! Life feels more complete now that Q has met my sibs. We still have lots of people to see though, so there will be more fun updates to come!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

This is why I married him...

Okay, there are lots of reasons why I married him, but today he made me a proud, proud wife. Not that I'm shocked. I'm not. The man I married has become wonderfully selfless, kind, and caring. I am getting ahead of myself though, so I will begin again:

Nick is a fan of Tim Tebow. He has been for a while, and when the Broncos drafted him, Nick was thrilled! So, when I heard that Tebow had a book coming out, and then a book signing at the Tattered Cover, I asked if he would be at all interested. Nick was excited at the prospect of meeting someone he thinks is such a good and upstanding athlete. (He has recently discovered that his biggest idols are not the most perfect of men.) So, for part of his Father's Day gift, Q and I traveled on down and got Dad his book and his ticket to get his booked signed.
While purchasing Tebow's book, Through My Eyes, I learned that there were 600 tickets being handed out for a two hour book signing event. Nick was #375. We went to the Tattered Cover today at 4:00, and Nick waited in line for a while. Not shockingly, the announcement was made that Mr. Tebow had to leave at precisely 6:00, so he would probably only make it through the #400. Nick then had a conversation with the lady in front of him--a candidate for The Real Housewives of Denver--about how disappointed many fans would be, especially the kids. With this realization, my hubby (who was like a kid in a candy store excited to meet Tebow) left the line and found some kids towards the end. Two little boys with ticket #592 got ticket #375 today, and we hope that they got their book signed.
Nick was actually devastated that he didn't get to get his book signed. However, he felt pretty good about letting the kids have his spot. I understand that the goal of events such as this one is to promote and sell a book, but 600 books signed in two hours? Seriously?! Who planned this?! I digress...that is not the point. The point is, I married a good one. I am proud of the choice he made today, and proud of the man--and especially the dad--that he is!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Grandma Halasz and Great-Aunt Celia

We had our first visitors when Grandma Halasz (Nick's mom) and her sister, Celia, came to visit. Grandma had an appointment in Denver, so it was the perfect excuse to come and see the baby! We went to dinner at Red Robin, shopped at Flatirons Mall, and dined at P.F. Changs. It was so nice to introduce Q to her great-aunt! She came and spoiled as only a great-aunt can! Once again, it is so nice to be close to family! Thanks, Grandma and Aunt Celia for coming and spoiling us. We love you!

Q in her cute new hat from Grandma and Aunt Celia! That is Grandma Halasz holding her!