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Monday, October 24, 2011

Fun Family Fall Days

Well, Stef inspired me to post something today since she did. I can't be outdone by my sister, now can I? I am not really going to update all our happenings from the last few months. We have been very busy. Q is growing like crazy! She is pushing 20 lbs., and she really, really wants to crawl. I am excited for that and NOT excited at the same time. Once she is mobile, we are in for it! Shockingly, she is incredibly vocal...and LOUD! She loves entertaining the whole room and gets upset when all eyes are not on her. (Hmmm...I wonder where she gets that. Nick and I are so shy, quiet and reserved.) While attending an Open House the other night, she stole the show from the Elder we were wishing well. It's a good thing she's so cute!
I am loving these fall days. The trees are gorgeous! The air is...well, how do I put this? The air is just fall-y, and I love it! There isn't a day that goes by that I am not grateful to be back in Colorado. We have been trying to do as many activities with Q outside as possible. We go on family walks, and we recently took her to Anderson Farms, a really great corn maze/pumpkin patch.
We made it a true family day and brought Uncle Adam and Aunt Kara along with us. I had never been to a pumpkin patch, so I was excited, but I don't think my excitement could match the excitement of our girl! Q was laughing and yelling and screaming before we even made it in the gates!
She rode a pony; she picked a pumpkin; she witnessed the birth of twin goats; she posed for a million pictures; and, she loved every minute of it! My goodness, we are blessed by her presence and her personality daily!

There are lots of changes coming for the Sadler's, and I have to take a minute to thank our family and friends who have already been so supportive. I would be lost without the love and support from people near and far, and I never want to seem ungrateful. Our journey will be long, but somehow, through faith and love, we will make it to the other side--one step at a time.