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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Quincy's First Thanksgiving

We were able to spend this Thanksgiving holiday with some truly fabulous people. We packed Q and headed over the river and through the woods. Holly, Eric, Lisa, Hondo, Monroe, and Kelli were all there too. We played with the babies, napped, laughed, talked, and stuffed ourselves as is appropriate for a Thanksgiving feast!
Q had a big weekend when she stood up on her own and then began crawling. She is our noisy girl, but she proved just how loud she can be ALL week long! She loves the sound of her own voice. I really am so crazy about this little girl! She is so funny. She will fake laugh at me or fake cough and then just giggle at herself. She thinks she is hilarious (a trait she inherited from her Grandma Mahan, I'm sure.)

We were lucky enough to both witness her first standing. This is the first time she has reached a major milestone in front of Daddy, and he was thrilled. She does love the men in her life! Every time her dad or her grandad walked out of the room, she would yell or cry at them to come back. It is cute to see them cave each time and come reassure her that they have not left her for good.

Her first birthday is fast approaching, and I don't know if I am ready for it! She is growing so fast! Where is my baby?! I do love every minute though, and I am so glad that I am able to witness it all. I really do have the best job! 

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Just Feeling Restless

This is the story of my life these days. I am not sure what it is...maybe the season or the holidays or the crazy events that have taken place in our lives recently, but I am one restless momma. It is strange to be so busy and feel this way. Q keeps me on my toes all day long, and when Nick gets home, she wants nothing but Daddy, so that is when I can actually DO things without an attachment.

I have projects to work on and people I want to see. I have presents to think about and a birthday party to plan. Our house is never spotless and the laundry is never done. I am searching for interesting recipies and easy crafts to keep me occupied. I have a growing stack of books to read and a lot of sleep to catch up on. So, why am I so restless?

Perhaps it is because I am always distracted. Projects get started, but never seem to be completed. My head is racing a million miles an hour, and the only time I am focused on one thing is when I am in the gym. I need a chart that is a huge TO DO List. I need someone to come and look at my list and tell me it isn't out of control.

Then again, maybe I am not busy enough. I am home with Q all the time. We go to the gym and run a small errand or two on a daily basis, but then we are home together all day. Maybe I am experiencing a little cabin fever. Maybe if I was busier, I would accomplish more. I have always performed better under pressure. Now that I have no deadlines and grades aren't due and papers aren't piling up and I don't have an essay to write or copies to make or lessons to plan, maybe I am slacking. Except, I don't miss that stuff. Okay, maybe I miss planning lessons and reading books and regular adult interaction, but I wouldn't trade it!

So, for now I will be restless...I will make that long list and even cross off a few things. Or maybe, I'll go help a little girl figure out how to crawl. That sounds better...crawling.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Oh, Life!

Sometimes it feels like the universe is trying to break me in two. It is at those times that I try, try, try to count the many blessings I do have because they are plentiful! So, in additon to the craziness that is already happening, Nick totaled the Tribute on his birthday. Sigh! Luckily, our car insurance company (Progressive) was AH-MAZING! They had our rental car to us and the Tribute picked up within 24 hours of our call to them. We picked up a check and shopped for a new car over the weekend. I am now driving a 2005 Ford Escape. It is a bright red, and I am liking it more and more as time goes on.

We have managed to do some fun things here and there, however, so I will share some pictures from Q's first Halloween and her first snow! She had a really fun time watching all that was going on around her.

Her first Trick-or-Treating expereince was at the Spooktacular that the City of Broomfield does at the First Bank Center. She wasn't really into the candy part, but she was very into the people watching part. She is so good when we take her out in public! Thank goodness for that!

She had a fun time helping Mom and Dad carve pumpkins this year. She held the cut out pieces for us and chomped on them too. We had a big pumpkin and a little one this year...both turned out great!

We also have had some snow, which I missed so much while we lived in Texas. Quincy seemed to like it! Here she is all dressed up to go and play in it for the first time. I love this hat and mittens. Both are too big, but she'll grow out of them before I am ready!

It just wouldn't be right for her to play in it and not eat it! She seemed to like it. I think it helped cool her gums...we'll see some teeth one of these days.

She also had to stand in it for a minute! She has super cute snow boots, so we had to put them to use. She will be my little snow bunny yet! I love the snow and the feeling that white blanket invites. It is good for my soul.