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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

They Make Me Melt Like Popsicles on the Fourth of July!

It was just us girls for the 4th this year. Nick's work schedule had him working, so we planned a day of fun at home and then dinner and fireworks with friends!

We actually started the day with breakfast at church. Our ward had a pancake breakfast, program, and then a bike parade for the littles. We left before the parade started. Q and T were both breakfast-ed out! We went home and pulled out the kiddie pool and got some time in the sun!

Q has this need to run in circles, so I had to snap pictures of her during different phases of her run. I love the glee you see in this one! 
Why the leaf? Her sister had one stuck between the gap in her teeth, so T needed a leaf too. 
After naps and sending Daddy off to work, we spent the evening with our dear friends, the Flanagans. Alisha is our regular sitter. She has been watching the girls since Tessa was 7 weeks old, and as I know I have stated before, I would be lost without her! The girls love her, and recently have decided that when she comes over it means that she is "home". I often here, "Mom! Alisha's home!" We love her.

I don't think she even knows that I took this. 
As a result of this relationship, we have become good friends with the entire family! We spent the evening of the Fourth with everyone, playing at The Great American Picnic at the Commons Park and watching Fireworks. Q and T got to ride a pony and jump in the bouncy castle as well! So much excitement for my 3 and almost 2 year old!

All by herself!
Needed some extra support from "Isha!" 
As always, celebrating Independence Day with those I love allowed me to reflect on how grateful I really am to live in a place where my freedom is not questioned and there are those who are willing to fight and make ultimate sacrifices for that freedom. For them and for their families, I am eternally grateful. Freedom isn't free, but it is a blessing.