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Friday, September 18, 2009

Missing Work...

So, I miss being a real teacher. I know, I know, Stef. I am still a real teacher, but I sure don't feel like one. Nothing to plan or teach or read or grade. It is killing me! How do people do this? I have to bring things to do because I am SO bored while I wander around the room and stare at kids hoping they are actually doing work. I refuse to fight the cellphone and iPod fight. I won't ride them for not working if they are not being a problem. I can't! I have zero authority and no respect. I am there to prod them into doing something while their teacher is gone and to maintain order. That's it. I am a babysitter, and it is already old! This is going to be a long year!

Friday, September 11, 2009


We spent Labor Day weekend with the family at Powderhorn as usual! We had a really great time--as usual! Here are some snapshots of the weekend fun!
This is most of the group enjoying lunch at Dos Hombres before we headed up the mountain to the condo on Saturday this year. We usually head up Friday, but Saturday seemed easier this time around.

This is just one the view pictures I took as Dad drove Nick, Stef, and me up Land's End Road to the top of the Grand Mesa. He told Nick he had an adventure to take him on, and this was it. Nick loved it!

This is a picture of some of the group as we watched the sunset from on top of the Grand Mesa on Sunday night. Nick turned around too soon! I love to see everyone enjoying the beauty that is God's great Earth!

Nick took this one of the two of us while we were all out on the desert on Monday. We go shooting every year! We missed it last year because I had to get Nick to the airport, but we had a lot of fun shooting with everyone this year.