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Thursday, June 23, 2016

Post #3: All the Places I've Lived--and My Favorite So Far

Hmmm...this really isn't going to be a super long or interesting post, I think. I've lived in so few places, SO let me tell you a little bit about them all.

Grand Junction, CO

I was born here. My parents met at Fruita Monument High School, and I spent the majority of my first four years of life in this area. My grandparents were and are here. My baby sister lives there now. We still visit family, and as I have grown older, I can appreciate the beauty and tranquility that this place offers. It would be an okay place to raise a family. My favorite things about Grand Junction are the people I love who live there.

Vernal, UT

We lived here for a short time when I was very little, and I don't remember it much. I think we lived in a trailer--that in my head was in the middle of nowhere. I could be wrong. But any memories I have of this time in my life are pretty fuzzy and broken up or mushed together with other early memories. The person who would later become my best friend was born while we lived here--yeah, a sister. And I remember Adam becoming more and more of a friend and playmate while we lived here. Since he was my other half growing up, this is probably where that started.

Broomfield, CO

I live here now, but let's talk about what it was like to grow up here. I don't think as a kid I realized how lucky we were to be here. Broomfield was a great place to grow up. The recreation programs. The schools. Our ward (church) and the friends I made as a result. We were truly blessed to be in this town so close to both mountains and city. My dad likes to pretend that this didn't really happen--but I'm never sure why because if you have to struggle through raising kids and running into financial difficulties, you will never be more supported and taken care of than by the people here.

Greeley, CO

Let's smells. I experienced a rough break-up here. I failed a class for the first time. I made friends--only one I still talk to on a regular basis (and she came into my life AFTER I had already left). Poor Greeley. You were never my favorite.

Thornton, CO

This is obviously not a far stretch from home. I lived here in my own apartment for the first time. I was close to home, close to work, AND Thornton brought the friend back into my life who would introduce me to my husband. Good job, Thornton.

Fort Worth, TX

Heaven help me. Is it possible for a place to hold such dark and light memories for me? I never really felt like I was home in Texas. I met a lot of amazing people. I have wonderful friends in my life because of Texas, but not a single one of them ever got the best version of me. I was so LOST in that place. Homesick and sad. Happy but overly cautious. Look, friends. I am a super cool person. Flawed--as we all are--BUT while I was in TX, NO ONE got to see that girl. Including the poor soul who married me and moved there to be with him. And it isn't Fort Worth's fault. It is totally mine. I don't think I knew how to give TX a chance. I never felt adequate enough to jump into the life Nick already had established. Sadly, I felt horribly judged by that life. The life we began to build together was fine. We had a cute house and made fun friends at church, BUT...there is always a but. I am both grateful that Texas happened and glad I never have to live there again. (Heaven help me, I hope not, anyway.)

Broomfield, CO

We are back here. And, you guys, this is seriously my favorite place to live. I LOVE our little house in our little neighborhood. It is old and quirky and cramped and crowded and COMPLETELY FILLED WITH LOVE. I feel so at home and at peace in this place. I love the big trees. I love the parks. I love all the things to do. I love being outside in our yard in the DRY air. I love looking up and seeing the mountains. I love the snow. I love the sunshine. I love the drive to Denver and the fact that my children are already in love with our beautiful city. I love family walks and dreaming of the future here with Nick. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE being here and raising my kids here and allowing my family to come visit their roots and watching Nick and Adam and Kara play softball and the Bay and the trails and the absolute beauty that is Broomfield Colorado. This is my happy place.

Okay, so I lied. It was long. You decide how interesting it is.

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Post #2 Favorite Time Wasters

I'm not really going to be obvious here...cellphone, games, TV, etc are all obvious time wasters. However, my very favorite time wasters are my kids. Like really...I need to do laundry or clean the kitchen? How about we read 27 books and color instead. Need to send some emails and ship some inventory? Let's watch Frozen for the 100 millionth time! They are my favorite way to "waste" time, but it really isn't a waste, is it? Naw!

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Summer Blog Challenge 2016: Someone I Admire

Where does your mind wander when asked who you admire? Straight to a celebrity who stands for what you believe? Your parents? A teacher? Oprah...because, well...Oprah!

No, I'm not going to write about Oprah. But I do love her. 

Today I am going to write about this girl:

The one on the right. Not me. I'm not writing a blog about how awesome I am. Although I should. Because I am. 

Anyway...this here girl--her name is Holly--is someone whom I admire greatly. She's kind of one of the most cool, most gorgeous, most smart, most faithful, most patient people I know. In fact, someday I hope I am just like her. Kind, Generous. Positive. Crazy smart. 

Yes, she is my younger sister. By a bit (you guys, I'm getting old here). But in many, many ways she is much older--read this as wiser--than me. Her understanding of things both spiritual and temporal far surpasses my own. 

If you are lucky enough to know her, you know just what I am trying to convey. But I am sure I have not done her justice here.