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Monday, January 31, 2011

Due Date Come and Gone

Yesterday, January 30, 2011, was Quincy's due date. Saturday, January 29, 2011, she turned seven weeks old. I honestly cannot express the whirlwind of emotion that flowed over me yesterday as I marveled at the miracle that is my tiny and perfect daughter.
She is growing, growing, growing! Q hit six lbs, and we expect that she will quickly hit seven! She has spent the past few days more and more awake. Q quietly observes her world and listens intently as Mom and Dad (and Aunt Stef right now) sing to her. She loves being talked to, and I am just waiting for her to join in the conversation. She acts as if she wants to burst out and tell me her life story! I am so ready to hear it.
We have had lots of visitors the past few weeks. Grandma and Grandpa Halasz came to spend some time with their first grandchild. It was nice to have Nick's mom and step-dad with us. They loved on our girl plenty, and I think her Grandpa Desi was quite taken with her. JB and Savanna came to spend some of that time with us as well. It is really wonderful how in love with Quincy her Uncle J is. She is one lucky girl to have him around! (Not to mention Savanna who loves my daughter as much as we do!)
The day that Grandma left, Stef and Miki Jo came to visit. The picture above is Michaela and Quincy's first meeting. Michaela is a giant compared to our little one! They are so cute together. Miki Jo isn't always sure what to think of this new cousin of her's, but she will tentatively reach out to touch Quincy's hand. It is very sweet. I am so glad that Stef is here! Mom had to leave before Quincy came home, and I didn't realize how much I needed a sister here until she got here! They are supposed to leave tomorrow, but with a snowstorm on the way, we will see if that happens. I'll take them for an extra day!
Q has been pretty congested the past few days. She hasn't really appreciated her Mom and Dad sucking the stuff out of her nose, but she does breath so much better after. She also took her first shower with Mom so that she could have the benefits of a little steam. Our bathroom is too big to just let her sit in there with the shower running. She loved it! I haven't seen her so relaxed during a bath since her first swaddle bath in the NICU.
Here is a new video of her listening to her Aunt Stef sing her a song. She is precious!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

A Year of Changes...

I feel as if at the end of every year I have the same conversation with my mom. It goes a little something like this:

Mom: Wow! has really been a crazy/rough/interesting year, hasn't it?

Me: It really has, but I feel like we say that every year.

Mom: Really?! I think this year tops last year though.

Me: If you say so...

As we were having this conversation yet again the other day, I have come to the conclusion that as the years fly by we simply adjust to the ever increasing changes and challenges that come our way while the old challenges fade into view. There must be a reason for this...otherwise I think I would spend life in an eternal funk. 2010 was exciting and challenging and scary and oh so wonderful!

Obviously, I focus much of my attention on the events that have transpired in the last month of the year. The unexpected early birth of our daughter has been the most amazing and terrifying thing that I have ever expereinced. As we continue to go back and forth between home and the NICU, I am so grateful for all the people that have lent us a helping hand, cooked a meal, visited us in the hospital, travelled here to help us out, and said a prayer on our behalf. I can't say thank you enough!

We had lots of friends and family come to see us throughout the year, and we are truly looking forward to that continuing. Our house was packed at Thanksgiving, and we had a great time hosting my siblings.

Nick and I both turned 30...something I was dreading and he could care less about.

In additon to becoming new parents, we also became an aunt and uncle for the first time. Miki Jo joined us in the world exactly seven months before her new cousin. She is such a fun and happy baby!

My mind is a jumble right now. We had so many other things happen, and I can't even focus on it all right now. So, rather than hurt my poor head, I will just wish you all a Happy New Year! May 2011 bring you joy and happiness!