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Thursday, December 10, 2015

Dear Quincy,

Dear Quincy,

On this, your last day of being four, I wanted to write you a letter--just a simple letter from me as your mother to you as my daughter. As I sit here to write, I realize that there is nothing simple about writing a letter to a daughter. So, I will attempt to keep this as simple and concise as I can--and I will also try NOT to cry as I go.

First, you, my Q, are AMAZING! I love getting to pick you up from school every day with a new report from Miss Kim about all the LEARNING you are doing, and I LOVE to see your face light up as you tell me about the words you are sounding out, the books you read at school, the friends you have, and ALL the stories you make up as you run around and play.

Second, I could not have asked for a better helper than you, Quincy Anne! Thank you for making Beau happy and for playing so well with Tessa. Thank you for working so hard to be a good big sister and a good friend to your brother and your sister. The love you three have for one another is evident in the way you play, help, and hug one another! It lights up my momma heart to watch.

Third, I love that all those questions you would ask OVER and OVER again have become truly inquisitive musings. You keep me honest and creative, and I am so glad that you feel safe enough to ask me ANYTHING! I pray that as the questions become harder, more emotional, that we can ALWAYS talk.

Fourth, thank you for being a fighter. You have faced lots of challenges in your short life, and you handle them beautifully. From the first time I saw you in the NICU, I knew I had a feisty, fighter on my hands. Your nurses said from the get go, "She's feisty, Mom. That's good. She is going to be just fine." This has held true for many, many situations! And, not only are you fine--you are great! You are a rock star.

Fifth and finally, I was silly to think that as the older you got it would be easier and easier for me to let you go out into the world and do and be and play. I think, as you have grown and want to venture further and further from my arms, that it has become much harder. I want to always be able to protect you from hurt and harm. I know that I can't do that, and in the long run, you will be better off not only to experience both good and bad, but you will be a better, stronger person because you do. Your big heart and capacity to love both amaze and frighten me. Your willingness to be friends with everyone is a talent that I pray you never lose. You are a warrior, Q. Just know that there will always be a warm, safe place for you to come recharge.

I am so proud to be your mom.

Love Forever,