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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Summer Happenings

Wow! I sure have not touched this all summer. Oops! I guess that means a quick summation of all our going's on all summer long. Complete with pictures, of course!

We took a trip to Utah for a weekend full of famly fun and Lisa's baby shower! Nick, Q and I made it to The Mug which is essentially a Rootbeer Float shaped concession stand that my brother-in-law, Eric, helps his sister run. It is great! Located in a prime spot in Provo Canyon. If you are ever there in the summer months, check it out!

Quincy met Maggie, whom we all love through the many stories Holly shares. She is Holly and Eric's niece, and such a cute character!

We spent the Fourth of July in Casper with Nick's family. This is the first time Q met her Great-Grandma Boyer. I think they like each other! Don't worry, Q didn't get her glasses, not for lack of trying!

On that same trip we spent an afternoon with the Sadler side of the family as well. Q is playing here with Nick's cousin, Jayme, who came to see everyone all the way from Washington State. She and I had met briefly once before, and it was so great to spend time with her and her daughter, Jordyn.

Ahhh, yes! The family pic with Great-Grandma and Grandpa Sadler, Nick, JB, Jayme, Jordyn and Quincy. Jordyn didn't want her picture taken at this particular moment. :-) She is a pistol!

I should have taken more pictures up here, but here is one that I took of Q and her Grandpa Desi at the Halasz cabin. It really is so peaceful up there! I really enjoyed being there with everyone. (FYI, they are talking to Uncle Bob.)

We took the opportunity to take Q to the outdoor waterpark in Broomfield! The Bay! We love The Bay! It really is very little kid and family friendly. She enjoyed it more than she is letting on here. Later in the summer, Aunt Kara and I took her again. And we will go one more time when Aunt Stef, Uncle Matt, and MJ get here!

If you have known me for any length of time, you know that there are two girls who are my SISTERS FROM ANOTHER MISTER. Amber and Kristie and I are doing our best to manage our busy family, work and personal lives and still see each other. We had dinner, and this was the first time that all three of our kiddos were together. M, C and Q are just adorable! I love those two little boys as much as I love their momma's.

Another cousin! We were blessed with a quick visit from Aunt Jessie, Uncle Matt and W! This is Nick's step-sister's new baby boy! He is such a long, skinny string bean, and too, too cute! (Note: Matt was watching the US Women's Soccer team play in the World Cup Finals. He could not tear his eyes away!)

We spent more time swimming with Meagan (Parker) and her little ones. I will post pics of our babies together, but I have to wait for Maeg. She has them.

We took Q to the Denver Zoo! This was her first Merri-Go-Round ride. She seemed to enjoy herself! Check out the rosie cheeks! It was a hot one!

There is more to share, but it will have to wait for another day! We had more visitors, and played more games, so I will post about those soon! Also, we do have another new baby in the family! Aunt Lisa had her little girl. We will make sure to post lots of pictures when we have all the girls together at last!